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October 10, 2023

Detached gardens extending to 2.000 m², It allows you to get closer to nature with its liberating design. Fresh air fills your villa from the wide terraces. The lush green grove the moment you step out of your home, colorful flowers will greet you. Amongst the landscape of thousands of colors the purifying effect of the unique lake view you will feel it in your soul. From a busy day, from work, or after busy meetings Imagine coming home easily. Unique views to welcome you or… Let yourself go with the flow of day and night. Maybe some shopping, maybe some fun. Plan pleasant meetings with your loved ones. Think about what you want and all the colors of Istanbul. And now you’re connected to the city.

In villas surrounded by forest, away from the noise of Istanbul. You can live every moment as if you were on vacation. For transportation, social life and your needs without the need to get away from nature. You can find peace in your home. To reach the comfort of a villa in Istanbul and to live every moment with quality, nature and the city come together in Büyükçekmece.


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