Best House Mint

October 10, 2023

There are 242 residences and 1 commercial unit in the site, which consists of 2 new generation city apartments with 14 and 7 floors.

The project is the first and only 2 block housing project with 1+1 and 2+1 flats surrounded by its surroundings.

It offers the potential to be an ‘oasis’ in the dense and tiring structure of Istanbul, an address where Istanbulites can experience the calm and peaceful life they seek with their design ideas and structural solutions.

We promise not just a house, but a huge life.

The city is crowded. The city is grey. The city is tiring. Cities need to be renewed with new ideas, as we all do. We are starting to renew at the right point. Right from the city centre. We are refreshing our environment with our new generation city apartments and new and environmentalist ideas.

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$ 197,000
Starting Price
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