Best House Merkez

October 10, 2023

Your new home’s door opens to profit. The subway almost to be completed and right at your door, shopping venues and socializing areas you can access with an elevator, another shopping center right across your home as well as the Sultanbeyli Central Bazaar, and a university that will comprise of a 400-bed hospital all transform your new home into a source of income at the same time. The gate of your new home is under 24-hour protection. By means of the 24-hour security at the block entrances, parking lot and bazaar, your new home’s gate is under protection against all kinds
of threats. The door of your new home opens to the bazaar. You don’t need to wander the street searching for popular brands, to renew your wardrobe and meet your needs, by virtue of the bazaar on the ground floor of your home. The gate of your new home opens to the bazaar where you can find what you are looking for. Your new home’s gate opens to cafes and
restaurants. Owing to the cafes and restaurants located on the ground floor of your house, you do not need to go far to have pleasant conversations with your loved ones or to reach the restaurants where you can taste world delicacies. The door of your new home opens to a cafe and restaurants where you can spend time with pleasure. The door of your new home opens to your children’s
playground. Owing to the playgrounds below your home, your children will not grow up with computers and tablets, but with games helping their physical and mental development.

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