Best House Marina

October 10, 2023

With 5 types of villas, it is a special concept that brings you a life far beyond your expectations, close to the marina and where you can see the sea as far as your eyes can see. Architecturally, it adapts the elegance of the classical style to modern life with its double-story columns, jamb facade design, stone coatings and Turkish style roof tiles. With these features, you can experience peace and comfort in a world special to you, which differs from similar villas.

During the day, you can witness the conversation of the boats with the seagulls from the balcony, terrace or window of your house.

You can’t get enough of watching the calamari at night, you say, “Let’s take a walk,” and you will end up at the marina.

The smell of the sea calls you in the summer… With the pleasure of holiday, you will embrace it to the fullest while waving your fathoms to the blue in its clear waters. In winter, its sound becomes a melody in your ears, and you can enjoy a peaceful life.

The sea serves you, whether you want to swim, hang on your oars, or race with the wind with a jet ski. You will enjoy the sea to the fullest.



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