Best House Kısıklı

October 10, 2023

We are transporting you to the Center of the European and Anatolian Sides. With its location, concept and architectural privileges; We bring you together with nature with its lush gardens, large terraces and balconies.

A Distinguished Habitat

A living space away from stress and close to everywhere.
While enjoying your large garden, we offer a detached life where you can relieve the tiredness of the day.

Your Window is Always Going Green

With its carefully designed landscape, it offers you and your family a spacious living space.

Individual Terrace Areas up to 50 m2

With large terraces and balconies. You will find peace and have a good time with your family. A life of high prestige.

With Less Don’t Settle

With spacious living options from 3 rooms 1 living room to 6 rooms 2 living rooms terrace areas up to 50m2, garden areas up to 400m2, we designed Lale Kısıklı Mansions for you with its large balconies.


best price 120 e1641819920424
Starting Price
turnkey date 120 e1641819914114
May 2023