Best House Hep

October 10, 2023

Your dream house is rising in Kağıthane, in the center of Istanbul.

Rising in the center of Istanbul, located at the center of transportation, education, health services and shopping, in short, in the middle of life.

What kind of life does your dream house open its doors to?

In the very center of the city, with no traffic problems, close to work and school, modern architecture, technological structure, earthquake resistant, safe. In addition to transportation, education and health services; It is also at the center of sports, art, shopping and entertainment. If your dream house opens the doors of such a life, you are in the right place.

A dinner at sunset… “Let’s get off work and have a nice dinner.”

In the most beautiful hour of spring, on the days when the sun is painted red, neither crowded nor lonely with your loved ones, a line by Cahit Sıtkı comes to my mind; “You mean evening, here is evening.”
It accompanies you with its delicious dishes, not only at dinner, but at every meal of the day. In addition, thanks to the glass balcony system, it offers the opportunity to enjoy the terrace in winter.

Doing sport opportunity you have always wished has come to your Terrace!

The most beautiful day is the day on the calendar, the most beautiful evening is the evening you run towards to the Sun.  Hep Fitness gives you the opportunity to do sports while enjoying a delightful landscape. Either in sunset or in sunshine. It also provides many sport options such as swimming, archery, football, Far East sports, tennis, and volleyball in IBB Yahya Kemal Facilities which is in walking distance. It also provides health service, car park, restaurant, masjid and changing room inside the facility.

It draws attention with its outer beauty, dazzles with its inner beauty…

Always quality and comfort…

Offering living spaces consisting of different square meters, different plans and appealing to all tastes; It combines materials in line with current trends, light interiors and a pleasant view.

Provides a good plan for a good life,

Flats designed as 66 m2, 129 m2, 1+1 and 2+1 are alternative plans that create different solutions for different needs. With 144 living units and 9 commercial units, it offers a large investment opportunity with a small square meter but high added value in the center of Istanbul.

All your needs are under your home!

It is planned to give priority to sectors that serve general needs such as supermarkets, pharmacies, hairdressers, cafes, dry cleaning and ATM services in the stores, which are designed to meet all the needs of residents. In addition, 9 stores on the street are waiting for their owners who will benefit from advantageous conditions if they move early.

You are important to us…

While making your life easier with its single point entry system, 24/7 private security, on-site cameras and two-storey car park, it makes your life more enjoyable with the restaurant and fitness center on the terrace floor.

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$ 180,400
Starting Price
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