Best House Gunesli Homes

October 10, 2023

Best House Gunesli Homes represent a pinnacle of modern living in Istanbul. Located in the dynamic Gunesli district, these residences offer contemporary design, upscale amenities, and a vibrant urban lifestyle. The homes feature spacious interiors with sleek finishes, ensuring both style and comfort. Gunesli’s strategic location provides easy access to Istanbul’s commercial hubs and cultural attractions, making it an ideal choice for professionals and families alike. With amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, and lush green spaces, Best House Gunesli Homes promise a well-rounded and luxurious living experience. These properties are a testament to the ever-evolving face of Istanbul’s real estate market, where innovation and comfort meet to redefine urban living.

Best House Gunesli Homes are strategically situated in the heart of Gunesli, a thriving district on Istanbul’s European side. This prime location offers residents seamless connectivity to Istanbul’s key business centers, transportation hubs, and cultural landmarks. Gunesli’s proximity to major highways and public transport networks ensures that the city’s vibrant pulse is always within reach. Additionally, the neighborhood is dotted with shopping centers, restaurants, and green spaces, providing a well-rounded urban lifestyle. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring the city’s cultural treasures, or enjoying leisurely strolls in nearby parks, Best House Gunesli Homes offer a perfect blend of accessibility and convenience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a dynamic and well-connected living experience in Istanbul.

  • 25 minutes to Istanbul’s new airport
  • 6 minutes to Mall of Istanbul
  • 30 minutes to Taksim square
  • 2 minutes to 212 shopping center (Mega Outlet)
  • 4 minutes to Star City shopping center
  • 15 minutes to Bakirkoy
  • 10 minutes to CNR Expo
  • 3 minutes to M9 metro station
  • 4 minutes to M7 metro station
  • 4 minutes to M3 metro station
  • 3 minutes to 3 international universities
  • 3 minutes to the hospital
  • 4 minutes to 3 schools in different classes