Best House Gündoğan

October 10, 2023

In our project, which is located in Gündoğan Bay with the least wind and noon sun, 500 meters from the sea and the beach, on a plot of approximately 20 thousand m2; There are 30 families, including 12 Detached Villas with Flat Foot Exit 2+1+(1) with Garden and without Pool, 5 3+1+(1) Detached Villas with Pool, 13 4+1+(2) Detached Villas with Pool.

Our 2+1+(1) villas with large spaces, with or without a pool, with or without a garden, 3+1 villas with pools, ranging in size from 126-138m2 with wall shares, and 162m2 with wall sections, 4+1+(2) detached villas with pools while it was designed as 287m2. The garden walls of our project, reaching a length of 2850 meters and covering an area of ​​​​8500 m2, were made with Hekimköy Stones in accordance with the magnificent natural structure of Bodrum.

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$ 1,000,000
Starting Price
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