Best House Gönülbük

October 10, 2023

Original Bodrum Architecture
It offers you a new lifestyle with the original form of Bodrum Architecture…

This project offers a special living space. The 1st phase consists of 23 private 5+1 mansions located on a total of 14,167 square meters of land. While the square meters of the mansions are fixed, the location of the trees determines the architecture and garden arrangements of the building. Gönülbükü Mansions, which were planned without damaging any trees, were shaped by integrating with the trees. While all of the 23 5+1 mansions, each consisting of 442 square meters, enjoy watching the sea or nature, each mansion also offers the opportunity to have its own private pool and optionally a jacuzzi open to the forest and garden right next to the pool. In addition, the pier, beach and cafe along the 1.5 km coast offer the most beautiful sea of ​​Bodrum.


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Starting Price
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