Best House Daisy

October 10, 2023

It consists of 2 blocks, 48 ​​flats and various social areas built on an area of ​​2.673.30 m².
In this project, we have 48 1+1 flats in 2 different models, all with pool view and each square meter of which is designed with fine architectural details.

Apartment Features
• Built-in kitchen trio,
• Dining Table (Belenco or furniture depending on the apartment model)
• Cloakroom, cnc cut lacquered interior doors and steel exterior door,
• TV unit,
• All spot and led lighting in the flat,
• Suspended ceiling headboard application in the bedroom,
• 1st class ceramic, washbasin cabinets and tempered glass shower cabins in all bathrooms,
• Laminate flooring or granite-ceramic floors according to the apartment model in public places,
• Adopen brand double opening, double glazing PVC and manual shutter system,
• Air conditioning infrastructure in all rooms and living room,
• Application of insulated double brick between flats with 24 insulated bricks on the exterior.


best price 120 e1641819920424
Starting Price
turnkey date 120 e1641819914114
31 December 2023