Best House Ataköy

October 10, 2023

The Best House Ataköy is distinguished by its location in the high-level ATAKÖY district within Bakırköy in Istanbul, surrounded by all the main transportation & important commercial centers, & close to Ataturk Airport (Nation Park Project)

Distributed in the form of three apartments on one floor with two elevators in each block
In addition to the presence of green spaces and rest areas.
Swimming pool, closed car park with guards & 24/7 security available.

• High build quality
• Comfortable living areas
• Excellent location surrounded by all the main facilities, transportation
and important centers
• Facilities for luxury & comfortable life
• Suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship
• The title deed is ready

best price 120 e1641819920424
 Starting Price
 turnkey date 120 e1641819914114
December 2024