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October 10, 2023

Istanbul from the confusion Remote, Modern A Beach Neighborhood

You too can avoid the chaos of Istanbul. If you are bored, you can enjoy the seaside life, intertwined with the sea; with its social facilities and activities. You will have a 12-month holiday, but a trip to the city.
If you want a house within steps. One of the most beautiful coastal settlements of Istanbul. We are waiting for you in Mimaroba and its most prestigious project.

E-5 and TEM connections, public transport points, airport, education, health services, shopping and event centers. Every place you need is close to you. Moreover, the 3rd Airport, 1000 Yachts Capacity Coastal Istanbul and Canal Istanbul. In the real estate market with its projects one of the regions whose value is increasing day by day. Mimaroba is a company that offers high profitability stands out as an investment option.


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