Acquiring Property and Citizenship

October 10, 2023


​​Things Foreigners Who Want to Acquire Real Estate in Turkey Should Know
​ ​
Acquisition of real estate titles in Turkey is only approved through registration at the land registry offices.

Preliminary real estate contracts, which are issued by notaries or made in writing with real persons, do not constitute the transfer of real estate by themselves. Preliminary contracts only serve as a commitment regarding the transfer of ownership and the said real estate does not change hands through such documents.

There may be obligations such as mortgages, foreclosures and similar types of encumbrances on the real estate in question, which may prevent the sale, and these must be checked before the proceedings are initiated at the relevant land registry office. Foreign nationals do not need to have a residence permit as a prerequisite for acquiring real estate in Turkey. In addition, foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey are granted a renewable short-term residence permit in accordance with the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458.

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