3S Kale Topaz

October 10, 2023

The block where you can experience the comfort of a 13-storey residence consisting of a silhouette and these blocks consist of the bazaar as the office of the 3,550 m2 city at the target. The architecture will be designed by Viva, which has world-class tools, and this architecture will be designed to be a project to be pointed at. While modern designs are designed to be designed on the exterior; The residence also perfectly gives the feeling of being acquainted with the self-sufficient social industry center.


The target at the 3 big universities at the beginning was planned in square meters for 100 thousand professional families working in the region. The modern building is available in 228, with wide-ranging needs in design, smart 1+1 and 2+1 end flats with kitchen. Different kitchen design in the small school garden of 2+1 one-type houses. practices are not available.

best price 120 e1641819920424
$ 137,500
Starting Price
turnkey date 120 e1641819914114